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Advanced Search Perennials

Advanced Search Perennials

The "All Perennials" search function is now an archival database which shows all of the plants that have been offered by The Flower Factory in the recent past. The "search function" will return all of the plants that meet the characteristics and uses that have been entered. Some, but not all, of these plants will be currently available. By comparing the plants suggested by the search function to the plants available on the The Flower Factory Square Site, the plants suited to a planting scheme can be determined and ordered. For instance, the search function may return 10 Achillea varieties as possible plants to use but the plant order site will only list 4 varieties as being available.

How to order: Go to The Flower Factory Square Site and choose from the available plants there. Place your order, choose an available "pickup time slot", and pick up your plants at that time. We will have limited times available for pickup this season so make sure you find a time that fits your schedule.

Use the search form below to identify plants that meet your specific needs. You can enter any combination of search parameters.
Note that the results will contain plants that meet *all* criteria.

Enter a specific Latin or Common name if known
Latin Name:

Common Name:

Choose Location:
SUN = more than 6 hours of direct sun
PART SHADE = more than 2 hours but less than 6 hours of direct sun
SHADE = no direct sun or only filtered light through trees

Choose Color:

Choose Height:

Choose Zone:

Choose the desired months for flowers. Leave all unchecked for "Any".
Bloom Time:

Choose any desired characteristics
Continental American wildflower
Butterfly attractor
Keeps well as cut flowers
Drought tolerant
Flowers can be preserved as everlastings (dried flowers)
Pleasant fragrence
Ground-covering habit
Hummingbird attracter
Tolerant of JUGALAN'S toxins (walnut species poisoning)
Deer resistant
Native Wisconsin plants other than prairie plants
Rabbit resistant
Native Wisconsin prairie plant
True water plants capable of submergence and/or growing in wet, water-logged soils
Rock garden suitable
Salt tolerant
Vines, can be either climbing, fence covers, or trailers
Wet tolerant, growing well in moist soils; preferably with good drainage.
Requiring the extra drainage afforded by sandy or gravelly soils

Plants with a * designation are recommended to survive the extremes of Wisconsin weather.

Create your own personal shopping list to bring to The Flower Factory! Simply search for plants using the above criteria, then check the box next to any plant and it will be added to your plant list. Change your search as much as you like to add more plants. When you're ready to review and print, click Review My Plant List to finalize and print your list. Don't worry, if you missed something, you can always add more plants!